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wolfcraft Dowel master (part no. 4640000)

wolfcraft Dowel master - it is so easy to make wood joints. Video-Product-Trainer

part no. 4640000

Ahmed : I have this great tool here in egypt,love this tool
Tony InAngus : Useful training film for a great tool. Thanks for the info but please God stop the porn music
Nick Wales : Just bought this product and was struggling to understand the instruction leaflet so very glad this video is up, thanks!
Ben Richards : Why do you have to move the wood "a little bit back". That doesn't seem a very good design. Why can't you just work off the edge of the tool. Seems odd
Dmitriy Teteruk : Just bought this tool, manual with photos on a package is not so clear as this video. Thanks for it!
Michael Lewis : Thank you for posting this. I bought one of these and it’s fantastic, this helped explain how to use it very clearly.
슈퍼맨 : 구매가능합니다.
Gyre Brillig : got one for american measurements?
jaceneliot : Hi ! 3:24, how do you know where to put the dowl master ? I want my holes 2cm from the side, but i don't see anything who help me to be precise...
Akos Reke : Good gadget, great video but why, oh, why is it rocking at a mindblowing 240p resolution at this day and age??? very retro... ;-)

wolfcraft Precision saw table and work station MASTER cut 2500 (part no. 6902000)

Precision saw table and work station

Since it can be used as a work station, circular saw bench, guided circular saw bench, milling table, jigsaw table and mitre saw table, the MASTER cut 2500 is a 6-in-1 machine table designed for all trades involved in interior works.

function Circular saw bench
- ideal for smaller workpieces that can be pushed over the table
- precise parallel cuts up to a cutting width of 570 mm and a cutting length of 740 mm
- precise angular cuts from 0 - 180° using the angle stop
- special stop guide with spring-guided play compensation and gliding elements
- circular hand saws without integrated riving knife can be used thanks to the optionally available wolfcraft riving knife

function Guided circular saw
- with wolfcraft guide bar \u0026 clamping jaws
- ideal for sawing big panels and boards thanks to the 80 cm long aluminium rail
- stop slide for precise repetitive cuts can be set to any angle between 0 - 70°
- the circular saw and the machine plate can be removed in virtually no time and used on the guide bar

function Jigsaw table
- ideal for curved cuts
- unobstructed view at the marked line
- easy guidance of the work piece by hand

function Milling table
- Accessory - parallel milling guide (art. no. 6901000) turns the MASTER cut 2500 into a real router table
- Warning: Use of the router table is only allowed in combination with the parallel milling guide (Art. 6901000)!
- height-adjustable machine plate for smooth transitions

function Mitre saw table
- also compatible with all mitre saws thanks to the multifunctional hole pattern in the table plate

function mobile work station
- the big work surface made of impact resistant MDF comes up with many clamping possibilities
- quick assembly of static devices such as drill stands, etc. using fastening slots in the MDF plate
- robust and stable thanks to a sturdy base frame and a height-adjustable foot
- versatile use and space-saving storage
- easy transport thanks to the light aluminium construction
- foldable legs for ergonomic work on the ground
- multifunctional for all projects
- can be used as a work station, saw bench, guided circular saw bench, milling table, jigsaw table, mitre saw table
- high precision
- extraction system for dust-free working
- stable and safe thanks to cross struts and height-adjustable legs
- mobile and space-saving thanks to quick-folding system
- compatible with virtually all circular hand saws, jigsaws, routers, mitre saws
- suitable for circular hand saws with and without a riving knife
- in accordance with DIN EN 62841

part no. 6902000

이성원 : 마스터컷 2000 제품에 킥백방지부품
장착이 안되나요?
Robert : This is so over the top it is not funny anymore
Nor Azminuddin Nordin : hello wolfcraft, where can I buy the Master Cut 2000 or 2500 in Malaysia?
(MTK) Mak Tak Kwong : How can I buy a Master cut 1500 0r 2500 in Hong Kong
John Fredy Gutierrez A : Hello Wolcraft I love this table. Are you avaible in Colombia? How can i find a Master cut 2500 in my country?
MI 1704 : Why is the background music so horrible?

wolfcraft Dowelling jig Product Trainer (part no. 4650000)

Drilling gauge for the drilling of:
dowel connections
rows of bores for shelves / cupboards
bores for hinges and braces on furniture

with exchangeable drilling bushes of Ø 5, 6, 8 and 10 mm
joiner right grid dimension, bore pitch of 32 mm
for the dowelling of boards with a length of up to 600 mm in one clamping position and a thickness of 12 - 40 mm

part no. 4650000

Александр Трофимов : Очень много лишних движений
windmill10 : Please apply some Deutsche Gründlichkeit. Get an English teacher to review the voice over text (wording and logic) and the pronunciattion. Then redo the video.
Megabash72 : Shit product, shit company. Many different products for the same purpose and instructions are shit too. Do nit trust! .
Jack Jack : Dommage que les commentaires e sont pas en français.....langue inconnue
David Collishaw : I've been using one for a while and it is faffy but you just need to be patient with it and it works well. also try not to lose all the bits.
Gagarin Ura : 3:39
В видео выше на 3:39 якобы цивилизованные европейцы, которых нам часто ставят в пример, образовашуюся стружку и пыль после сверления отверстий в заготовке из ЛДСП сдувают ртом вместо того чтобы воспользоваться для ее удаления хотя бы бытовым пылесосом, как это делают образованные русские. Или, если уж совсем не хватает средств на покупку даже простейшего бытового пылесоса, то воспользоваться самыми обычными щеткой и совком, используемые для уборки пола. И при работе с ручным электроинструментом вовсе не используют простейшие ИСЗ - наушники, противопыльную маску, очки и перчатки, например с латексным покрытием. Позор ;-)
david bott : why not make the jig too suit the GB market in the first place. i really should hav too do what you are saying,its false advertising, and you can't do what you are saying too do with the jig . so with the sizes that .I give you, your technical engineer needs too try and do with the jig what he's telling me too do himself .because am so DISAPPOINTED ITS JUST SAT THEY COLLECTING DUST i want too make so many things with this, and ive already let one customer down because of this. this jig NEEDS ALTERING FOR THE GB MARKET BECAUSE IT COULD BE SO GOOD
david bott : i think who ever designed this didnt take in to consideration the different size ply in England, you Dip Sticks, they are 6 9 12 16 18 22 and 25 mm SO too say . i was disappointed is a understatement its rubbish.who ever sent this too the British market did,nt do his home work and wants his arse kicking. Am so Piss Off
i was so looking forward too it coming. Now its sitting doing nothing collecting dust
sassike27 : If i made the same cabinet how do i mark the right place for the hinge on the door to fit holes on the cabinet?
luis Albornoz : quiero ver torno gmbh d 76740 kempenich




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