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How to Install Ink Cartridges

Many refillable pens use ink cartridges, including fountain pens, brush pens, and markers. Check out our blog post for more on how to install an ink cartridge:

Pens shown:
Kaweco Ice Sport Fountain Pen:
Pentel Pocket Brush Pen:
Platinum Preppy Sign Marker Pen:

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▬▬ ✦ L I N K S ✦ ▬▬

N E W S L E T T E R :
B L O G :
F A C E B O O K:
I N S T A G R A M :
T W I T T E R :
P I N T E R E S T :
T U M B L R :
Crystal Marcelo : I thought I will remove the top part of the cartridge 'cause I've been doing that instead of puncture thingy
Jerry V. : In The USAF, I worked on 8 Million $$ Jet Fighters, But I'll Be Danged If I Can Get This Pen Loaded??.
Jamie Stubbs : Thanks I’m dumb as shit helped a lot
Rebecca9809 : Thank you!
Jennifer Riggs : Thank you SO SO MUCH!! I’ve spent days trying to figure this out. I’ve even searched Sheaffer’s website.
B e l l a T i m e : Yay! The instructions for the pen was hard and not understandable but you just made it easier! Thank you!
- Cloudy Pie - : When I put in the cartridge, there was a sound like it broke and I got really nervous since its my first time to use fountain pens. I should've bought a bottled ink instead but that is more messy to set up
Arts With Fatima : Hey guys me (dumbest) can't still understand please explain me in the replies in easy langu3
Raina : Thank you so much! I have been wondering how to assemble this!
Claire Cruz : So helpful!!

How to Refill a Fountain Pen with Ink Cartridges

In this video Explormate owner David shows how to refill the Explormate Bamboo Fountain Pen with Ink Cartridges.

To inquire about pen refilling or help, contact us at



Alatheia Smith : Love this thx
Tabatha W : I just ordered mine and it had that empty tube with a spring. What is that for
G.B. : Straight to the point, no BS'n! Great vid!!

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