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HONMAGOLF SAKATA plant PV_English version

Made in JAPAN , "SAKATA"

Honma Golf Balls... TESTED!!! I Golf Monthly

► Neil Tappin tests the new premium TW-X golf balls by Honma. How do they perform up against Srixon's Z Star XV?

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Gj Pound : found one on my golf course the performance was very good so i decided to look them up on u tube .you have confirmed it is a good ball i will be buying a sleeve many thanks.
ZaneenaZ EnaZZanE : Wasn’t really a fan of these, but love the Honma Future XX.... they are amazing. Bit more expensive though
Andy Miller : I switched to Honma TW-X in March - had to buy them on ebay. The main reason was that in a ball fitting for my swing speed (83-88 mph with a driver and relatively low spin with my 13.5 degree) they performed the best. Added to this is the high spin and soft feel. So I ended up buying 14 dozen and bring them out for me to play in the UAE. These balls are advertised as being optimized for 90mph swing speed. You obviously hit the ball harder than that, but for us 60 year olds, we dont and I am fed up with being offered bullet balls as the panacea to my lack of distance off the tee which have any spin or feel under 100yds. I remember the old adage 3/4 of the shots on the golf course are from within 100 yards of the pin -- so why go for length with no control, when you need the opposite for the majority of your shots. Very pleased to have switched. Hope more UK/UAE suppliers pick up on this ball. Also love the price vs titleist.
nelson geada : Great video!! Can you review the Honma TW-G6? I believe that is their top golf ball...
John Davis : I tried their cheaper ball and loved it. Soft feel
Simon Hobbs : Would be good to put it up against the Srixon AD333 Tour which can be purchased for c.£20 a dozen if you time it right.
Geordie Sancaster : Very enjoyable honest review of the Honma golf ball seems fantastic value £26 wow only downside I’d prefer if you had some comments on the course about how the ball was performing only because that music was loud and awful. Only my opinion ✋
J M : Yes “100%” possible as opposed to “0%” possible. However as u mentioned it’s more of an antidote. I think the quote was mainly encouraging golfers to play what feels and performs good and not to get caught up in name brands and price.
J M : I play the Snell MTB Black and they’re kind of like what Honma is in that it’s a premium golf ball with not the premium price tag . Very solid performer
garyglad : At £26 per dozen, they are in the same price range as Snell and Vice golf balls. Worth a try!






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