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BBS CARE Ultraschallgerät - Review by Bibyyy & Bibyyy

Produktvorstellung und Test des BBS Care Ultraschallgeräts
Lasst euch Überraschen :)
"Canon in D Major" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

홈케어 피부관리 BBS초음파 셀프피부관리 / 무서운 이야기(목신탄 집으로 이사 후 사건 사고들 경험담) 뷰티튜브

#홈케어 #피부관리 #BBS초음파기기 셀프피부관리 / 무서운 이야기(목신탄 집으로 이사 후 사건 사고들 경험담) 뷰티튜브


Raise Brine Shrimp Indoors to Adults, easy and almost free

Hatching Brine Shrimp eggs? Just dumping the left over salt water, unhatched eggs and the last few shrimp? Here is a quick and easy way to raise those left over shrimp to adults using just a light source and some aeration and feeding spirulina powder. This is a collection of short videos spread over 6 weeks showing step by step how you too can be raising up your own adult brine shrimp for your fish. Come on, give it a try, its EASY!


#bbs care


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