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หลวงพ่อสรวง ปริสุทโธ743Aสอนศิษย์ใหม่เรื่องรู้จักจิต

สายไหม มนมะณีไทย : กราบสาธุค่ะ
Aa Aa : /\
Kritty Hema : กราบหลวงปู่

743A John Deere Feller Buncher still running strong

743A still running strong after 36 years
cedar beauty : There is no need for new machines when cutting your own trees. Why does anyone cut for the big mills anymore. We did but we don't anymore
cedar beauty :

AJ Deere T680 : Deere Quality!!!

1983 John Deere 743A Tree Harvestor.

A bigger tree might have gone through. I thought I'd post a video before the delimer is taken off. It is a great Feller Buncher.




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