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Karcher SC1020 Steam Cleaner

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Eirini Sou : I followed the tutorial to use this machine and after the orange light turned off and I started cleaning, water stared coming out the steamer from the bottom. Why that happened? Did I put too much water?
Filippe Vaz de Mello : ola otimo produto mas pena que nao te entendo .mais este produto estar esgotado no sate ,e para creche infantil , gostaria de adequeri seu produto e muito capas nesta fazer que passamos ,qual o valor ? e quando estar no estoque grata aguado resposta
Nino Purgar : is this cleaner good for car interiors? Like instrument boards, seats, carpets...?
Alexis Clemente : Why orange light turn on each 30 seconds even after 8 minutes?
squange20 : Wouldn't the steam pad just spread the dirt while cleaning? I guess you will need a few pads to change when one gets dirty.

Karcher SC 1020 Video 1/3 - Karcher Market

Karcher SC 1020 Video 1/3 - Karcher Market

Karcher SC 1020 domestic steam cleaner

Karcher SC 1020 Domestic Steam Cleaner, £99 inc vat and delivery for the premium version with £40 worth of extras free and free delivery
call our sales team on 0800 0197115
BACS VLOG : This product is good.. Got one..
John Lidgey : The guy below (bete bet) says that these are junk. They are certainly not. I reckon you need to try yours again and follow the instructions carefully. It is a really good steam cleaner.
bete bet : these are junk




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