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Badlands - Dusk - 1998 (Full Album)

Track Listing - Start time
Healer - 0:00
Sun Red Sun - 4:47
Tribal Moon - 10:16
The River - 14:11
Walking Attitude - 18:52
The Fire Lasts Forever - 21:48
Dog - 25:35
Fat Cat - 29:20
Lord Knows - 33:54
Ride the Jack - 38:50

Ray Gillen – lead vocals
Jake E. Lee – guitar
Greg Chaisson – bass
Jeff Martin – drums

Dusk is Badlands's third and final album. It was originally recorded in 1992-1993 as a demo to submit to their label.

The demo tracks to Dusk were released posthumously on December 15, 1998 in Japan on Pony Canyon. A European release on UK-based Z Records, with different artwork, followed in 2000.

According to drummer Jeff Martin: "We recorded them primarily for Atlantic Records to hear and give us a budget for the full recording of the same tunes, if they liked what we had. They did not like the direction of the songs, for whatever the reason. Some months later we were dropped from Atlantic. At the time we were happy with that outcome and so was the management, being that Atlantic was not doing anything for us anyway. We shopped new prospects. Almost every song was one-take recordings. I remember having floor tom mic problems where we stopped to fix it, then re-started a song. But all in all, one takes. Even some endings were a little funky on my end, but Jake just flagged it off and we go to the next tune. I think Jake is the only one who did not make one mistake... if he did I did not hear it. Ray had about 50% of his lyrics together. The rest were what he called Jib-A-Jab. He would put a word or two on the front of a line and rest were all vowels. He was amazing at it, and most folks never could tell the difference. He would come up with his melody line by Jib-A-Jabbing. I think he had a harder time finding lyrics that fit his Jabbing, due to the timing and the percussive hooks he would come up with while scatting along. Nothing on Dusk was fixed, that Ray did, obviously due to his passing before the putting together of the tracks. For him to sound like what you hear on the album one take each tune, still amazes me to no end. He was one you could say had true talent, pitch and tone."

Jeff commented on the song "Sun Red Sun": "One thing I must comment about Dusk is a vision I see in my mind every time some brings up the project or I listen to it myself. During the beginning of the song "Sun Red Sun", while Jake was doing the intro, I could see Ray in the vocal booth through a glass partition sitting on a stool giving me that charismatic smile of his. His arm held out in front of him and running his index finger back and forth across ten or twelve thin silver Indian bracelets he always wore. That's the chimes you hear in the track."
Pola Harlow : This album is fuckin amazing, and his voice, OMFG!
Skoora : I miss his talent but supposedly Ray recklessly infected at least one woman after he knew he was HIV positive. I believe it’s one of the reasons, if not THE reason the First Badlands album will remain out of print for the foreseeable future.
DnD : Bracelets!?! Now that is AWESOME!!!!
Matrix Reality : This is a jewel, i love this,thanks for sharing this!
damienski : All of the Badlands albums Kick Azz. Rock On-:)
Victor Salazar : ☠️
Modern Day Warrior : I always wondered why Badlands didn’t pull a Genesis and had Jeff Martin come out from behind the drums and become the lead singer after Ray passed away. He certainly is a great vocalist in his own right. Probably just to stylistically different than Ray.
Jules Cote : this is quite the step down from their first two.
Charlie Tay : Vim pelo Biofa✌
Nelson Fragoso : Banda pouco conhecido no Brasil,mas tem o seu valor.....Hard Rock de primeira!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Billy Cobham - Shabazz - 1975 (Full Album)

Billy Cobham - Shabazz

Released 1975
Label Atlantic ‎– SD 18139
Producer Billy Cobham, Ken Scott

Track Listing:
1. (0:00) "Shabazz" (William E. Cobham Jr.)
2. (13:48) "Taurian Matador" (Billy Cobham \u0026 William E. Cobham Jr.)
3. (19:16) "Red Baron" (Billy Cobham \u0026 William E. Cobham Jr.)
4. (25:55) "Tenth Pinn" (William E. Cobham Jr.)

Taurian Matador was recorded at the Montreux Music Festival, Switzerland, on July 4, 1974. All other compositions recorded at the Rainbow Theatre, London, England on July 13, 1974.

John Abercrombie Guitar
Alex Blake Bass
Michael Brecker Saxophone
Randy Brecker Trumpet
Billy Cobham Drums, Percussion
William E. Cobham, Jr. Composer
Glenn Ferris Trombone
Milcho Leviev Keyboards
John Scofield Guitar
John Garbutt : This is superb. Absolute class. Fantastic musicians every one of them.
ROB-IN-PHILLY : Billy, in his prime was a force of nature...Those of us that have respected his playing for decades, understand how great this album is. If you saw Billy back in those days live; you saw something you remember as clear as your first love...:)...His work with Mahavishnu Orchestra introduced me to fusion in 78... I was already a prog head but; then you start to explore Miles, and Chick, Stanley, Jaco, Victor etc etc etc...You find so many amazing new groups and profound blendings of all the great players of the time...It's a lifetime pursuit...Beats, Watching TV...:)
Germano Antonini : extraordinary musicians ... a masterpiece album.
Bill Perri : I'm diggin' Randy Brecker on Trumpet as much or more than Miles even if he was totally influenced by him and borrowed his sound....
ROB-IN-PHILLY : He's a beast...Saw his band in 86 at the Chestnut Cabaret in philly...Small venue...It was cool, they had a triple screen set up behind him so you could see his feet...Loved his work in Mahavishnu...One Word- Billy. :)
Michael Wosslert : This makes me happy!
Joe Wooding : i was 14 years old when i meet Billy Cobham now i am 60 i never tired to listen him again !!!!!
Charles Chandler : Damn nice upload... the frequencies are fine..!..:)0(:
brainsareus : I would love to see that drumming in super slow motion.....
trippy notion, right?
didier d'agostino : The great BILLY ! Magnifical music !

Warren DeMartini - Crazy Enough - 1995 (Full Album)

Tracklist - Start Time
1 D45611 - 0:00
2 Showtime - 3:22
3 Constellations - 6:59
4 I Know You - 12:55
5 Still Life - 16:58
6 Des Plaines Echo - 21:43
7 Lookin' Back On... - 26:28
8 Spanish Alley - 33:51
9 Surf's Up! - 36:46
10 Moroua Atoll - 40:57
11 D45611 (Reprise) - 45:03

Produced by Dweezil Zappa
briella nicole : this is totally not what i expected, but i loved it a lot! as a fan of ratt, i thought this would be an album full of heavy guitar riffs and solos; but once i heard how calming and soothing these songs were, i instantly fell in love. this album is so mellow and relaxing. i could listen to this at a beach all day long and this would be heaven to my ears. ❤️
francois lopez : fantastic spanish alley!!!!
Franz Dorregaray : I always knew that Warren DeMartini was the creative genius behind Ratt. Health and long life for Warren. Cheers!
RY : RATT never die..
neng walter : Met him backstage at a ratt concert in 1984, super cool guy....real shorty, but giant talent
Mark Wajdeman : 1 D45611
Drums – Joe Travers
Sitar, Guitar [Outro solo] – Dweezil Zappa
Written-By, Bass – Bob Daisley
Written-By, Guitar – Warren DeMartini

2 Showtime
Bass – Bob Daisley
Drums – Joe Travers
Written-By, Guitar – Warren DeMartini

3 Constellations
Drums – Eric Singer
Lyrics By – Dweezil Zappa
Lyrics By, Music By, Guitar, Vocals – Warren DeMartini
Music By, Bass – Bob Daisley

4 I Know You
Drums – Joe Travers
Lyrics By, Backing Vocals – Dweezil Zappa
Lyrics By, Music By, Guitar, Vocals – Warren DeMartini
Music By, Bass – Bob Daisley

5 Still Life
Drums – Joe Travers
Guitar – Dweezil Zappa
Lyrics By, Music By, Guitar, Vocals – Warren DeMartini
Music By, Bass – Bob Daisley

6 Des Plaines Echo
Bass – Armond Sabal Lecco
Drums – Joe Travers
Written-By, Guitar – Warren DeMartini

7 Lookin' Back On...
Backing Vocals – Amet Zappa*
Written By – Bob Daisley
Written-By – Warren DeMartini
Written-By, Backing Vocals, Guitar [solo] – Dweezil Zappa

8 Spanish Alley
Bass – Bob Daisley
Drums – Eric Singer
Written-By, Guitar – Warren DeMartini

9 Surf's Up!
Bass – Tony Franklin
Drums – Tommy Aldridge
Written-By, Guitar – Warren DeMartini

10 Moroua Atoll
Drums – Eric Singer
Written-By, Bass – Bob Daisley
Written-By, Guitar – Warren DeMartini

11 D45611 (Reprise)
Drums – Joe Travers
Written-By, Bass – Bob Daisley
Written-By, Guitar – Warren DeMartini
Kelly Mahoney : Nice warren,soul
Mike : Wow... I just love this. I wish it was on Spotify so i could just keep listening!
michael m Roberts : hope he does a 2018 remaster with a new cd in it right time for emo rock
jiblet 65 : I got this CD on ebay and fell in love with it. thanks for posting so others can discover its magic!




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