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Using Sennheiser OCX 880 Case

Ok, this is just one silly video i made, because, believe it or not, I was looking for a solution to this and i didn't see any, so i decided to make it myself. Tx for spending 3mn of your life watching it :)
Francesco Frau : Thank you!! 
Giuseppe Marici : I bought at 60.50 euro at this website Auricolariecuffie.it They are great !!!
R McNichols : This is one of the simplest yet most profound youtube video ever! 100s of us could not crack the answer to how the case fit the headphones!!! Wow you did it... easy and perfectly! I love you! Amazing you did it!!!

LoadGameZ : Thanks helped me :P
TheSbk1988 : Thank you !

OCX 880 Video Overview

Opt for classic, sleek and sophistication with a twist. A hybrid pair of ear canal phones with ear hooks, the OCX 880 are the perfect example of refined individuality. Their ear hooks follow the contours of your ears, providing an intimate, custom fit for a comfortable listening experience. Sound-wise, you will be treated to a powerful stereo sound with precise bass - all thanks to their high performance dynamic speaker systems and diaphragm guards. Their dual hardness silicon ear adapters effectively block out ambient noise while a newly-designed volume control with a horizontal rotary knob, has been integrated on the cable. A cable clip, cleaning tool as well as a leather storage pouch, which also functions as a cable winder, complete the package\r

Sennheiser Active Earphones - OCX 686G Sport

Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/1OGTIfe


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bainsy : the buds are shapedi diffrent from mx 686g intead of round bds they more like c shaped or like the old iphone shaped buds
amith jagota : Great review!

I am looking at getting a pair of in-ear earphones for both workout and leisure.

Wondering how comfortable would be the CX 686 G (a variation of the OCX 686G) for long term use (like listening to music for hours on end)
cMaXeJIJIo : Great review! And from someone who wears glasses!
Are they really uncomfortable in tandem? Have you tried putting the glasses on first and then putting the buds over the temples of the glasses? Very curious about this because it's a kind of a deal breaker for me.
StyrbjornStarke : Is there any real difference between the models?  The MX is only half the price so is there a catch?
MR George : wire crap
Mohammad Elshihabi : Your reviews are great. Luv your channel. You're awesome




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