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15 things you may not know about your Land Rover Discovery 3

How good do you know your Land Rover Discovery 3? Check out this video and see how many items are new to you? I ask my wife Vera 15 questions and see if she knows our LR3 as good as she thought... Hope you enjoy the vidoe.

Android 10 Headunit install video:

Amazon Android 10 head unit

Amazon external microphone for head unit

DAB+ Adapter and Antenna
Use this adapter with the DAB-Z App out of the Android App store. You may have to side load this app. The antenna does not work well on windshields with defrost!

Here are the Ferrite Core Clip Noise Reduction Filters. Put them on all power and USB cables on both ends. More is better!

Here is the optical fiber link to jumper out the original display unit:

Link to Icarsoft OBD2 diagnostic tool:\u0026camp=1638\u0026creative=6742\u0026creativeASIN=B00S5AB54W\u0026linkCode=as2\u0026tag=lrtime-21\u0026linkId=bbb2ced533a2147808c965dc7f8dd0dc
Tom Walters : Great fun and informative too!! Well done!
Chancey M : Tips start at 3:20
Ian's changed his name : Thanks for the very informative information, I shall try these at some point soon. Can I ask what touch screen it is that you have fitted in your dash please as I'm looking to replace mine.
Luis Marciscano : Informative and funny! Great Job.
Pablo R Bustamante : Thank you guys your video help me to discover a new tips now , I have the LR3 and always is something new in those buttons Danke schön ! Cheers from Norway ✌
Michi M : Super, I only get 5 points, super thanks, well done Vera
Dennis Louwen : Q: Do you know how to find the hidden menu on the nav screen?
Dennis Louwen : Q: do you know how to turn on/off the “fasten seatbelt” sound?
Matthew Harris : You 2 are great, 8 of 15,
Gabi Raimondi : The best video I've seen on the Disco 3. Ive bought this one and your video taught me so much. Thank you


Just a quick how to for beginners on servicing your land rover discovery 3's (LR3) diff's includes Tooling and oil required


Just a video based of things to check whilst your looking into buying a used discovery 3 / LR3 a couple of these caught me out when i was buying mine. Hoping that i can help you guys save money on purchase if these jobs are required
Raymond Logister : Thank you for the tips.
8TO : Thanks for the guide, and the channel is great.

I wonder if the problems you have had with water and oil leaks and hoses are because of the hot dry climate you live in as here in the uk we get most of the same problems but not the water and valley leaks and blown hoses are usually because of dangerous mods causing over-boosting.

But we get other problems like rust on the body sills and in the rear crossmember. Although I own a D3 SE 2005 the parts are a lot cheaper here so maintenance isn’t too bad, just have to find a dry few days to do it!

It’s great to see an Aussie loving a Land Rover these days as everyone raves about Toyota,Nissans and Isuzu but for me they have no soul, maybe I’m biased

I have a question for you (not a criticism) why does a man from a metric country driving a metric car use imperial tools ?

Keep up the good work maybe do a rig walk round showing all your modifications

I hope your channel grows and is successful

Sending high 5’s from the UK




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