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2004 Toyota Celica GT Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, & Test Drive

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Built from a completely different era, the Celica proved that Toyota did in fact once place driving fun as a top priority within their line-up. Even with the engine from a Corolla, the sport coupe's feathery curb weight, sharp steering, and crisp 5-speed transmission made for an incredibly fun vehicle. Only a cramped interior, high levels of noise, and a general lack of features kept the Celica off the short list of most buyers.
Steel Dragon : Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe these models (200-2005) came with the crappy Suzuki engines that burned oil and did not last nearly as long as a regular Toyota engine. I'd have to pass and stick with the 90's models.
Wellyman 68 : Glad he wasn't in my car ! God he's ruff !
Nick Rajpaul : Can’t even find one in good shape. It’s been raped by all these damn ricers.
Jon Armendariz : Scotty Kilmer... hold my beer.
S - kill : If u tall u cant drive it?
TRiCk_SHoW : Very good looking machines
Miguel Salami : That car doesn't hold a candle to my 1983 Toyota Supra with its inline fuel injected dohc 6 cylinder & 5 spd tranny & can't believe what a nice one goes for now BigBux$
The engine in this car sounded like an old printing press lol My Supras engine was so quiet you you couldn't even hear it running at an idle. I do like the exterior of this Celica but not as much as my Supra. It had it all style performance & luxury plus every option available. Great review on an extremely iconic sports car #ToyotaStrong
Atilio Argueta : I have the gts but it's automatic. did they ever make a gts that is manual transmission?
jvazquez : I owned a 2004 matrix manual transmission and only thing I didn't like was the closed ratio transmission gears I was at 80mph on 5thgear at 4000 rpm bad when red line was 6500 rpm
jvazquez : I was looking into buying a TC but I changed my mind when I found out that they had piston rings problem on all 2.4L engine from 2005-2010

Toyota Celica History

In this video I will be teaching you about the basic history of the
Toyota Celica.

Videos Used:

7th gen

6th gen

5th gen

4th gen

3rd gen

2nd gen

1st gen


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Toyota Celica History
ッLaDevil : Who else have a toyota celica at your house, i have, and its a ta40 gt
Manny Oliveira : I have been around Celicas for longer than you have been a thought in your parent's mind. You have butchered this video with your annoying voice and false information. My 3 Celicas in the drive-way(79, 82 and 90) are my passion. You young punks think you know everything about cars but you don't. Be humble and educate yourselves before posting a video on youtube. I have underwear older than you!
Jesus Santiago : Interesante
D Fields : I had gen1 and gen2 liftback

Gen1 was a cooler body style
But bad blind spot
Shawn Thompson : Let me know I need parts for my 78 Celica coupe
Gravecb7 Accord : That Gray 7th Generation Celica looked so good, and the 1st and 4th Generation Celica too. I never realized how good the Celica actually looks, when modded.
mick brown : Owned 71'st YELLOW st,fab sold it sadly , then a 2nd generation ,square front lights one hit a cow in fog wrote car off & almost myself then a Ae 86 corrolla 87' wished I'd not sold that one ...bought a 99'civic front wheel drive still have that in dry garage but FWD not the same feeling //but good EK vtec engine selling soon ...
pinoyzlayer : Wrong facts. Learn your shit before putting something together.
Eldrich Manuel : The 4th generation was still back wheel drive
Conor Davies : You do realise that the 7th gen made 192 bhp in UK / jdm spec
And also there was the sports m with 200 and the ss-2 TRD S high comp with 204bhp

Как ОБЛАЖАЛАСЬ TOYOTA, Toyota Celica 2zz-ge

Подборка: https://auto.ru/rossiya/cars/toyota/celica/all/?sort_offers=fresh_relevance_1-DESC\u0026mark-model-nameplate=TOYOTA%23CELICA%23%234760792\u0026mark-model-nameplate=TOYOTA%23CELICA%23%234995560\u0026from=beard.celica7

Toyota Corolla 2zz-ge на компрессоре! -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sad1RjrNSA\u0026t=93s

Toyota Celica GT_FOUR- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0VA5gzGwcA\u0026t=31s

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Siberian Beard : Лепи лукаса под видосиком если хочешь больше подобных обзорчанских
Feduccini Skuerda : Че бы ты не говорил, но это моя мечта на 2ю машину, для души
Дмитрий Саулин : То самое чувство, когда смотришь видос с уже выпущенной новой супрой.
Подвал Даника : Я знаю что ей подойдёт... SR20DET просто создан для этой малышки)
Сагынай Кабдешулы : Кос под Давидыча
Nick Lucky : Насчёт бесполезности уточек посмотрим что ты скажешь когда нечего будет жрать... Кстати, а там можно перепрошить мозги чтобы ВТЫК включался раньше ?
Суверен СССР : Щас производители переходят на батарейки.. Хорошие моторы уходят в историю..
Mihail Ageev : Борода, сделай пожалуйста обзор на интегру type r (DC5)
Роман Китаев : Что за трек на 6:32 ?
Rebel HD : Владел такой машиной (еще Alex был с таким же ДВС) автомобиль хороший! Да места мало, но это купе... Едет она прекрасно, не хуже хонды (был Sir-t и была Интегра TypeR).. более того ест топлива машина очень мало, я не знаю как там кто пишет отзывы, делает обзоры, может они берут машины усаженные в ноль? :)
Единственное но в этой машине было для меня это страт ( в силу того что он дорого стоит) но держит дорогу машина на 5 баллов!




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