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浜崎あゆみ / Last minute


「Zutto... / Last minute / Walk」
2014年12月24日にリリースされた53rd SINGLE

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#浜崎あゆみ #ayu_MV

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faraz umar : Supreb bro thanks for upload this video and eid Mubarak and also happy friendship day bro

Last Minute COMEBACK | Grinding for Supersonic Legend | 1’s Until I Lose Ep. 29 | Rocket League

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In 1's until I lose episode 29, we continue our grind to supersonic legend in 1v1. We're currently Grand Champion 3 division 1, and in the video score some good goals and I end up getting a last minute comeback to keep the series going longer. The goal of this series is to help you guys improve in Rocket League by explaining as much of my thought process as I can and why I made certain decisions or why certain mistakes happened. Hopefully you can apply some of that information from a grand champion 1v1 player and coach to your own game and rank up. Enjoy!

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My Rocket League Coaching Profile

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#amustycow #RocketLeague
Anthony Wang : That doesn’t rhyme :(
Tim Yassa : Me playing 1's till I lose
Me *loses first game*
Ay4en : If musty hearts this comment it will make my week
Tomachan11 : Bang Bang!
Telepxrt YT : Musty : I’m kinda wanting him to go for this, he can’t really do anything
Bork : scores
Raza Muhammad : Is the background music a little bit too loud for anyone else?
That Perfection : I did something similar I was plat 3 playing with friends (diamond 1) and we were down by 4 with 41 seconds left, we said "ight one goal every ten seconds, we got this." We ended up scoring and tieing with 0 seconds left then scored in a 2 minute ot
Samツ : Fake musty, i didn’t see a black screen with a Hey Gamer.
Thurricane : 29 minutes in the Episode 29

Bracer 32 : This is easily my favorite series by musty




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