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Samsung DVD E360 - Unboxing

It is a reliable little device but with limited function.
Update: Still works after 3 year use.
Music: Say Yeah
Live a question, comment or video response below.
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SNDIP OJHA : player samsang dvd p490 spker test pr vodeo banao
Ticiana Mesquita : O aparelho não obedece o controle remoto não liga nem desliga
Jon Jonas : Use your VHS vcr videorecorders and blank VHS tapes to get even with the news media and tell your friends to just use their vcr videorecorders !
Yin-yang! : Smallest remote ever!
Expect The Unexpected : After one year R.I.P just like that without warning, i put a dvd/usb it turns off after 5min of playback. and the remote control is a joke.
Justin Lively : How do you turn on the subtitles? I can't get it to work for me
Sobri Fadillah : my dvd have no output sound. somebody help me
Eric M. Nieves : could you post how usb port works? how can i see movies stored on my USB. i tried and all i see is the folders. cant see the actual films.
Emi Miya : Is this dvd region free, like can play cd and dvds from other countries?
Alcka Joseph : how do you use it as a karaoke machine ?

Samsung DVD e360

Обзор DVD

Samsung USB memory drive or HDD into your DVD E360 player

Samsung USB memory drive or HDD into your DVD E360 player

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