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Canon Selphy CP910 Review

Here is a review of the Canon Selphy CP910:

I really love this Canon Selphy. This little guy can really do a great job and it is so quick to use. I know that it can seem a little intimidating but just follow my video and you can see how simple it is to use. Once you get the hang of the steps, you can really do this in a matter of minutes.

This printer is great for anyone wanting to get a quick picture off their phone or computer. If you wanted to get 100's of pictures at one sitting it might not be very cost effective, but if your like me and an avid scrapbooker, this is great for those couple pictures for that layout you want to do.

I take you step by step through the process of wireless through your phone.

3:20 I use my IPhone for this review, and I show you the FREE Apps that I used to connect to the Selphy.

7:45 See how fast it prints wirelessly from your phone. Be sure that you have enough room in the back so it does not get scratched during the process.

9:50 You will see what happens if it gets bumped during the process.

10:55 You can see how I print directly from a USB thumb drive. I hope you like my little green thumb drive. I think he's cute!

10:55 I also go through the menu and what you can choose to do with your pictures like cropping, red eye, date of print, color/black and white, and how many you want to print on sheet.

15:59 My two thumbs up review of the Canon Selphy CP910 Review

For all you scrapbookers out there!!!

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jasmine mangum : Random but how come that one kid didn’t have ice cream?
Patti G. : I’m glad you went slow,. I’m nervous about how to use mine. It was passed down to me,without instructions,so you are are helping me tremendously. Thanks! I’ll be watching this a few more times.
Vxk Games : Hello , Good morning. So I have a CP 910 at home but it is giving a paper jam error without the paper being locked, could you ask me this question or how to solve it?
F. Jay Murphy : https://www.facebook.com/fjaymurphyphotography/
Jenny Harry : Where can I found the ink and papers
Ann Marie : It only prints 4×6 ?
Karina Montes : Looks like too many steps but nice prints I need this printer
tobywinter1 : I've had this thing for about 4 years and was too intimidated to even take it all out of the box. Wanted to make my own Christmas cards for the few that I send this year and decided this was the push I needed. Than you so much for posting this tutorial. I don't know what I would have done without it....and you.
Purna Chandra Sabar : Tell mi Price please.
Sardar Ji : Eeeand

How to fix ink cassette is empty error on canon selphy cp910

How to fix ink cassette is empty error on canon selphy cp910.
Replace the new ink cassette but the problem is the same.

canon selphy cp910 troubleshooting.
Canon selphy ink cassette.

# inkcassetteisempty

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how to fix

Please watch: "how to fix hp officejet pro 8610 missing or failed printhead"
Draggy Della : I must have done something wrong because now it wont work at all for me... guess im buying a new one
Mattias Boström Fotograf : Thank you for your help! This was exactly what I needed. My printer is back in business.
Youngsik Seo : Thank you so much. It actually worked!!
artv : Thank you!
saul bucio : Genial !!!! pude arreglar mi impresora con tu tutorial.
Adam Veselý : Works like a charm. Thank you!
김정인 : Great! It's works for me. Thank you.
Anna Ambrus : Great
Joel Nunez : Excellent, I fixed my printer thanks to this video
Alister Scott : Thank you - Works well

在家就能印相片!CANON CP910 操作及兩年使用心得分享


影印軟體:PRINT (加個 Canon 可能比較好找到)

00:07 CP910 機器基本介紹
03:21 耗材(相印紙、色帶、卡夾大小)
08:42 怎麼用手機印照片的?APP分享 \u0026 操作
・09:06 拼圖
・11:32 CP910 \u0026 手機 WIFI 連接
・12:10 CANON PRINT APP 使用方式
・12:40 實際影印速度
・14:26 手機相簿直接影印
16:45 有邊框 \u0026 沒有邊框影印差異
18:15 貼上手帳前的最後兩個步驟:裁切、變薄


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