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What does a Massive Cavity look like Under the Surface?

Sometimes a massive cavity can hide under the chewing surface of a perfectly intact tooth. So what does tooth decay REALLY look like underneath it all?

Had this patient not seen his dentist (i.e. me) and had a dental x-ray taken, we would have never detected this cavity. In fact, I didn't even diagnose a cavity on this tooth at first - I thought there was just some stained pits and fissures. However, after looking at the x-ray, I realized massive dental decay was present, and that this tooth had days, maybe weeks, before a toothache would begin.

How is this possible? The bacteria that cause dental caries (aka cavities) can sneak in through a small breach in the enamel surface. Once underneath, it's like having a trojan horse - utter destruction of your tooth under the chewing surface, without you even knowing it. The decay turns hard tooth structure into mush, and all of it needs to be removed in order for the tooth to be safe.

Afterwards, once the cavity has been removed, we need to properly fill the tooth to seal it under ideal conditions, otherwise you can get a cavity underneath the filling.

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Michael the Dentist : Welcome back guys! PLEASE join me in raising awareness for cavities and help save someone's tooth - Seriously. Click "share" above, and send this video to your Twitter or Facebook feed. Love you guys and thank you so so much for 3000 subscribers!!!!
tinu flint : Cool, what's the music used for the video?!
Inky : I’m so glad that I’ve only ever gotten 3 cavities- and they were so small that I didn’t even need novocaine! And they didn’t hurt at all- just slight discomfort. I feel so bad for this poor patient
GNelson : Nigga just pull out the tooth at that point, ouch!
Tesla Cyber Truck : That's the power of XRays
Tilly Comedy : fuck is that my tooth???
Ling Ling : Can you give us a run down of what all the different dental practitioners do and who we should schedule a appointment with when we have different symptoms/issues. Like food wedged in gum line, extra tooth growing, decay, gum line issues, bad breath, tooth pain?
Dimple Pandey : Great explanation :)
Gepeng lego : After seeing this my cavity hurts more
Erin Grant : I immediately thought of the “secret tunnel” meme lmao

How Does A Dentist Fill A Cavity?

What's really happening in your mouth when the dentist is filling a cavity? This video shows the steps in which dentists may take to remove the dental decay and fill in the cavity with a composite restoration.

▶Taking Dental Impressions:

▶For more information dental filling



Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T6i
Lights: LimeStudio 700w
Sound: Rode GO
Editing Software: Finalcut Pro X
Background Music:

▶Disclaimer: This video is based on reenactments. No actual treatment is being performed in this video.

✌ P E A C E ♥ L O V E ☺ T E E T H ☺
Amy Garrido : Wow. I had a fair amount of cavities as a kid because I didn’t know the importance of brushing and flossing, but I always used to wonder what they were doing to my teeth. Now I know. Thank you!
Nephrite : I never had a cavity and now I THINK I've gotten my first one I'm so sad and disappointed. I'm going to take better care of my teeth
D. N. : Why don’t mine look this nice? Why are most of my fillings silver?
Sarah Eyre : What about a tooth being pulled out
London Loyal : Who else going to get a filling today :update
Sheila Fernandez : Have never been or worked in a dental office that takes blood pressure
Caiden Park : they put me to sleep cause i literally move to much so un i have nun to say ‍♂️
Moki Tøu : You said “check the tounge, make sure there are no lumps..”
What do you mean by lumps? And how do you fix that problem-
Gabrielle Peguit : Dentist:It's time for your shot.


Penguins in Madagascar:We don't have any teeth
mikayla peckler : does the shot hurt?

Molar Cavity Filling with Composite

Cavity fillings are often thought to be scary but are actually quite painless with the use of local anesthesia. Dr. Brian Kuo recaps the highlights of a routine cavity filling on Tooth #30, a bottom molar tooth. With the use of white composite, the filling blends in with the tooth, making it a popular option for many patients.

Brian Y. Kuo DDS FAGD is a patient-centered clinic serving in the Arcadia, El Monte, Monrovia, Pasadena, and West Covina area of Southern California. Since 2012, we stress delivering proactive, quality healthcare in a safe and comfortable environment. At Brian Y. Kuo DDS, it is our core focus to make your health our number one priority, meeting your dental needs in a timely manner.
Video rights owned by Dr. Brian Kuo, DDS
Roblox time with Janet : Do they put your mouth asleep when they cover your cavity
Mitchie Guerrero : In case there's someone here going through that process, let me just tell you there's really nothing to scared of... I got 3 fillings in 2days(with no anesthesia)and there's 8 small ones left to get done, if you're a cry baby just ask for anesthesia.... for me the drilling was the most annoying part
Jayden : Plz tell me I’m overreacting. Does it hurt ?
Growing with Jerry : I have to in a moth
Christian Alexander : I just got a filling today it's really uncomfortable
The Animate : Dentist: ok nothing will hurt ok
Me : ok ?
Dentist: beams a light
My glasses: falls off
Me : AHHHHhHhHhhHhHhHHhHhhHhhHhH mY eYeS
Tilly Comedy : what i still see a little black dot!!! are you sure you drilled out the entire decay?
London Loyal : Who else watching this bc your scared to get your tooth fixed
Annie Na : Wow nice ganda linis
S Renee : I'm 36 and I have never had this done bc I've never had a cavity. But I know it's only a matter of time, and bc I've never gone through it, I'm super nervous for the day.




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