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아이폰5 LAB.C Smart Wallet 케이스

아이폰5 LAB.C Smart Wallet 케이스의 자석이 흔들었을 때 어느 정도로 잘 붙어 있는지 테스트 해 보았습니다.

LAB.C Fantastic 5 Folio for GalaxyS4, Galaxy Note 2, Optimus GPRO, iPhone5 Store
Fantastic 5 Folio by LAB.C

LAB.C USB Case for iPhone 5

Reddot design award -- honorable mention 2012
8GB USB Memory Stick -- The very useful memory stick
Ray-Absorbent Film -- Save your health from the electronic waves
Inside Card Slot -- Carry your transportation card inside
Comfort Grip -- Curved back shape, giving you the most comfortable grip




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