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Shure Beta 87a Condenser Mic Review / Test

Today we look at the Shure Beta 87a, a Supercardioid, Handheld, Condenser microphone. This mic did an incredible job at handling noise rejection, a very respectable job at background noise rejection, and it offers plenty of clarity and detail if you’re looking for that condenser tone on stage. However, the self noise is nearly 24dB, and that is just far too high for studio use, so in my opinion, this is limited to a stage microphone.

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00:00 - Intro
00:31 - Disclaimers / Price / Setup
00:46 - What’s in the Box
01:08 - Build Quality
01:30 - Specifications
01:52 - Polar Pattern Test
02:17 - Handling Noise Test
02:25 - Background Noise Test
02:33 - Proximity Effect / Distance Test
02:43 - Plosive Rejection Test
02:49 - Self Noise Compared to SM58
03:24 - Music Test
04:16 - Pros \u0026 Cons
04:55 - Overall thoughts
06:08 - Conclusion / Recommendation
06:33 - Outro

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Shure SM58 vs Beta 58A vs Beta 87A Vocal Mic Comparison

Sam and Meg take a look at the differences between the iclassic Shure SM58 and Beta 58A dynamic vocal microphones, and the condenser Beta it worth upgrading?

Check out each of the mics here:
Shure SM58:

Shure Beta 58A:

Shure Beta 87A:

The Shure SM58 has been the industry standard vocal microphone for many years now, renowned for great sound and super tough construction...but also available is it's bigger brother, the Beta 58A, so is it worth upgrading?

Whereas the SM58 has a traditional Cardioid polar pickup pattern, both of the Beta 58 and Beat 87 mics are super cardioids, meaning they offer a narrower pickup pattern with excellent sound rejection from the sides, so they’re better at isolating vocals and less susceptible to feedback on a busy stage. The two Beta’s also offer extended frequency response ranges, an Sm58 has a frequency response of 50hz to 15Khz, but with the Beta 58 the high end response goes up to 16Khz and the 87A, being a more sensitive condenser mic, responds right up to 20kHz.

The Beta 58 also features a Neodymium magnet, resulting in greater sensitivity and more output volume, 4db hotter than sm58 with higher signal to noise ratio. Overall this increased sensitivity and a extended frequency range generally offers a cleaner, more detailed reproduction of your voice. Not only that, the Beta 58 also offers reduced handling noise thanks to it’s advanced internal pneumatic shock mounting design, minimising vibrations.

The Beta 87A though is a completely different microphone. As mentioned earlier, it’s a condenser mic so it’s easily the most detailed sounding mic of the 3, with it’s super smooth frequency response and wide dynamic range. But being a condenser does however mean that it’s also going to be a bit more fragile that the dynamic 58s, and the increased sensitivity and wide frequency response means it’ll be a bit more prone to feedback on loud stages. Finally, being a condenser microphone, the Beta 87A also requires 48v phantom power.

Watch our comparison video and try these mics out for yourself at your local Professional Music Technology store...


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