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DVD-RAM: The Disc that Behaved like a Flash Drive

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DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW ain’t got nothin’ on my man RAM. Oh yes, DVD-RAM, the format of mild obscurity which seems like it should have been friggin huge. Alas, it was but mildly useful.

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John Doe : We aren't past using discs for data storage. Using DVDs and blurays are probably the best way an average consumer can archive data for the long term.
Mecha-Art : 1998 I got my PS1 Dualshock edition. I first saw DVDs in 2000/2001
Elijah Richards : i used CD-Rs when i was younger to get files from my dads laptop to me and my brothers old XP machine with no internet. it worked and i have some pretty good memories of having a computer with no internet.
Jam : I have a DVD-RAM compatible internal drive. It still works.
Shardninja Shenanigans : See what you can find on Florescent multilayer discs... I remember seeing ads when I lived in silicon valley as a kid but I never saw the product...
Alexander Sannikov : in 1998 i had to randomly delete parts of my windows 95 (hoping it'd still work) that was installed on my only 1Gb hard drive in order to fit minimal installation of mindblowingly beatiful game called half-life.

i had 0 clue that it was possible to use a dvd disk to dynamically store 4 times more than that.
Ernie Miller : By the time DVD-RAM was mainstream, people were tired of trying to get them to write properly...no one liked waiting 30 minutes for the test to tell them there was a read/write error that made the disk unusable. Then, people were confused about another DVD format.
mehstgful : DVD-RAM is a great type of disk for time shifting. Example: Start to record a TV program on DVD-RAM, then after 10-30 or more minutes, begin to watch the program from the beginning, all the while the program is still being recorded. Try that with any other disks.
The Emperor of Mankind : Alas! Poor marketing strikes again with the foot-shooting!
シムカ : well... CD/DVD are pretty much dead nowadays and Blue-ray is next to join them. Era of streaming services, cloud storages, NAS, SSD and high capacity HDD..

DVD-RAMifications (experiments and other goodies relating to DVD-RAM)

Oh goodness. That's a lot of video. Oh my. Golly gee. Good gravy. Great Scott. Dearest me.
Were you looking for the video that this one accompanies? (it's a much more well-put-together video, that's for sure) You can find it by clicking on these letters:

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The TC Subreddit:

Oliwier 000B : Those usb dvd drives doesnt like formatting discs, cdrw or dvdram. I have one and I can't format any of these.
Paul Robinson : Why DVD-RAM never took off? Cost. DVD-RAM : about $20/disc. DVD-RW / DVD+RW: $22 for 30 discs. This is for 4GB, compare 5-pack, 16GB jump drives $14. Or a 1TB SD card about $45. I personally see transfer rates of 27 MB/second for SD cards, 8X as fast. Slower and more expensive, no wonnder everyone flocked to DVD-RAM!
Now, pricing now may be different from what it was then, I have to believe the price point can't be much different. Seems like prices of optical disks have remained stable for twenty years.
Francisco Cordero : 4:16 Not all DVD burners can do RAM, around 2003-2005 the only ones compatible with the format were some LG, Asus and Nec drives. at the end of 2005 it was near imposible to find a drive not capable of writing them, the same goes for DVD + (most HP drives did support them) and lightscribe as you pointed out on another video. your experience mostly comes from "newer" drives.
I did have the luck to work during 2005 on an electronics store that specialized on CD and DVD media (almost all our customers were bootleggers) so i had access to a lot of drive types and media.
RadicalxEdward : Ok, now I feel like I’m the weird one in that I wouldn’t put a random SD card with unknown data on it in, see that it has pictures, then open those pictures on the recording. I know it’s not like it’s live so he wouldn’t have to publish it, but yeah, you guys get it right? ...right?...
Captain Asthma : I had that same model netbook, the Acer Aspire One! Jeez, it ran everything I needed it to to back in 2009.
MIDBC1 : The drive spindle speed doesn't really correlate to write or erase speed
Mike Holbrough : Windows does not handle DVD-RAM well to be honest - and the speed issues with the drive relate to how windows uses UDF. All windows UDF must have a partition table (which is the centre of the disc) however UDF DVD-RAM should not have any partition table. Hence, in Windows 10 DVD-RAM handles weirdly (and the disc will be readable in Linux and on the MAC but not writable) - but if you format it UDF on a linux PC or on a MAC then try it in windows, the drive should stay at a speed between 2x and 5x (it'll still speed up and slow down but nowhere near like what you're seeing here.) Under debian, with UDF, it takes <50 mins to fully write a 4.7Gb DVD-RAM with verification on. UDF 1.50 is also the most compatible, UDF 2.00 upwards has issues and UDF 2.50 for BD discs - well... That's just a mess!!!
locke103 : i had that same netbook. even named it epyon, after the gundam.
M.Wajih Ud Din Khan : Imagine running a defrag on a DVD-RAM
Félix : the Chromebook keyboard has lowercase letters, weird

Forgotten tech: DVD-RAM

Most people did not have a DVD-RAM drive. Most people never even heard of this obscure tech. Did you use this stuff? Feel free to sound off in the comments.
shridhar patil : The cost of flash drive and DVD disc has higher difference, so I feel dvd s are great for archiving data
Zoltán Hatibovics : When I started digital photography I stored my photos on pendrives, but it turned out that they are piece of shits, you will loose data after around 5 years, my current record is 3 years, so I'm not recommend them, I switched to DVD+RW, but now I'm thinking about to buying DVD-RAM.
StormyHotWolf88 : Huh... I wonder if this would have been a great scratch disk.
badopcode : DVD-RAM is supported on ALL DVD and Blu-ray burners. Just pop that disc out of the case and plop it on the tray. The new DVD-RAM I just bought has little punch spots you have to pop out the plugs so you can open the back. Why DVD-RAM is cool. Because you can format it as a R/W and it's a little slower than a thumb drive. But you can also burn CD or DVD ISO's and use it just identical to a ROM. When your done, just erase it and put a new ISO or convert it back to a R/W disc again. I do believe it has a longer life cycle and handles more write than a SSD. But that's all asinine now days.
Colligo : You think THIS is forgotten? Try HD DVD-RAM. I can literally not even find a single result on Google for them, and my extent of knowledge about it is limited to Wikipedia and one other website from 2007 or something. I have a drive that can do them, at this point I just need to find a disc.
dlarge6502 : I have a few of these discs that along with dvd+r and bd-r/rw I use to store optical backups of select files. I have an external hdd for a first level backup, then selections of the most important data is written to optical discs with images of those discs uploaded to cloud storage to offer some off site protection.
Yusuf : I still have one disc. One last disc, as no one sells them anymore. Just popped the disc onto my computer and yep it still works. Formatted as UDF 2.1 because windows 10 doesn't allow formatting as FAT32 anymore.
DamjanB52 : Heeelp! Looking for Panasonic DVD-Movie AlbumSE 3 - came with a Panasonic DVD-RAM drive (LF-D521), which is gone now, but i still have lots of DVD-RAMs, and DVD-Movie Album is very convenient for importing single titles .. anyone?
Viet Pham : One of my DVD players I currently own play DVD-RAM, but not DVD-RW.
RRW : They still make DVD RAM's and players. I decided to get an Mdisk DVD drive, and it came with RAM burning capabilities. I also bought oa DVD RAM disk to go with it, and they seem to still be manufactured.




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